Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT) Practice Exam


The purpose of this test is to allow eligible candidates for the CCHT examination to practice with a test similar in content and format developed using the same process as that used in the actual CCHT test development. However, no questions on the CCHT practice exam will be on the actual CCHT exam.

The CCHT practice exam contains 50 questions and has 90-minute time limit. The fee for the exam is $30 per attempt. All questions should be answered; you will not be penalized for guessing. Once the CCHT practice exam is completed, all questions and rationale for the correct response will be displayed for review. The actual CCHT exam contains 150 questions and must be completed in three (3) hours and requires a correct response rate of between 70 and 75% to pass the exam, depending on the version of the test. Performance on the CCHT practice exam does not guarantee a similar performance on the CCHT exam.

Your credit card payment will be processed on-line and you will be granted immediate access to the CCHT Practice Exam. When entering the CCHT Practice Exam, the examinee will be presented with one question at a time with four responses to choose from. The examinee should select the single best response to that question and then select "NEXT" to save that answer and move to the next question, while still having the ability to come back to that question for further review.

When all questions are completed, the examinee should then choose to "END". You will be presented with a "Test Summary" indicating which items have responses and which do not. When you are satisfied with your responses, select "Submit test". A score will be given and each question with the selected response and rationale will be displayed. If you choose to take the exam at another time (for the same fee), the experience will vary but the questions will be the same.

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Please email any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the practice test to us at nncc@ajj.com. Your feedback is essential in evaluating and improving this new service.