NNCC Newsletter | July 2022

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022
NNCC Newsletter
July 2022
Attention CCHTs, CCHT-As, Technician Managers, and Educators: We Want to Hear from You!
The CCHT/CCHT-A Exam Board and Exam Committee will be meeting at the end of July in Chicago. The top priority for that meeting is to start the development of the role delineation survey to be completed by all Hemodialysis Technicians, their Managers, and Educators. NNCC has also invited a few technician educators to provide their input and assist us in the development of the updated Job Survey.
Did you know many nurses and technicians don’t fully understand the work involved in exam development? Let’s look at the process together.
  • Every five years, a task force is brought together consisting of technicians, managers, and educators to plan the job survey content. This is done to assure that the content on the exam is current and reflects actual technician practice.
  • The survey questions are put together and emailed to all the technicians, managers, and educators for which we have email addresses. To be sure that the exam is representative of your practice, and that you have input into the exam content, you need to complete the survey.
  • Once the surveys are returned, the data is collected and reviewed, and an examination blueprint is developed to guide the test question writers as to what type of questions to include on the certification exam.
  • Each question is then put into an exam to test it out. These are experimental questions and are not scored until we’re sure that the question is a fair one, reflective of technician’s actual practice.
  • As you can see, the development of each examination is very labor intensive. We depend on you to help us create a fair exam by responding to the survey. The exams for each credential are developed in the same way, using the process outlined above.
When ready, the surveys will be emailed to the email address that we have on file for you at the NNCC office. If your email address has changed or you’re not sure that we have the correct one, please notify us to provide your correct email address. This applies to all credentials and even to those who are not certified. If you have a colleague who would like to receive a survey, please pass on this information. You can send your email address to nncc@nncc-exam.org or go the website and complete the “contact us” form to provide your information: www.nncc-exam.org/contact-us.

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