NNCC Newsletter | June 2022

Friday, July 8th, 2022
NNCC Newsletter
June 2022
NNCC’s Nephrology Nursing Certification Advocacy Award
NYU Langone Hospital
Congratulations NYU Langone Hospital!
Each year, NNCC's Board of Commissioners reviews application submissions for the NNCC Nephrology Nursing Certification Advocacy Award. This award was developed to be able to publicly recognize organizations that advocate for or promote all levels of nephrology nursing certification. This year, the NNCC Board of Commissioners are honored to announce NYU Langone Hospital, Long Island, Acute Dialysis Unit for their admirable efforts to advocate for certification in nephrology.
NYU Langone Health has taken pride in the professional education and development of their nurses by supporting and valuing the attainment of professional board certification. Faith Lynch, DNP, RN, CNN, Nurse Manager, Acute Dialysis, NYU Langone Health, shares insights from the team at NYU Langone Health. See the NYU Langone Interview here.

Advanced Practice Board Meets In Chicago
Thank you to the Advanced Practice Exam Board.
The Advanced Practice Exam Board met in May in Chicago, IL, to review the CNN-NP processes as well as the examination test questions to ensure the highest quality exam offered to nephrology nurse practitioners.
Did you know NNCC exists to establish credentialing mechanisms to promote patient safety and to improve the quality of care provided to nephrology patients? NNCC supports the philosophy that there should be a diversity of examinations that will effectively provide the opportunity for certification at various levels of education, experience, and areas of practice within nephrology nursing. It is the goal of NNCC to promote the highest standards of nephrology nursing practice through the development, implementation, and evaluation of all aspects of the certification and re-certification processes

KHI Releases Human Centered Design Toolkit
for Treating Kidney Failure
Members of the kidney community, specifically pre-clinical innovators, people with kidney diseases, regulators, and investors, are invited to review the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) Toolkit and provide feedback during the public comment period until Friday, July 1, 2022. The Toolkit is best viewed online but a downloadable version is available here.
Human Centered Design Toolkit: Treating Kidney Failure

Nephrology Nurses (CNN):
Answer the NNCC Question of the Month
NNCC's monthly questions help test your knowledge. This month we pose this question for nephrology nurses (CNN). See the list of options, choose the correct answer, and find the rationale and reference information. Have fun!
"A patient hospitalized with AKI has a central venous catheter that is locked with heparin. On day three of his admission, the patient’s platelet count drops from 110,000/mm3 to 50,000/mm3. Which of these plans of action would most effectively address his thrombocytopenia?"

NNCC Launches Text Alert Service
Tired of lost mail or blocked email messages? NNCC certificants now have the option of receiving reminder notices and important information regarding certification via text messaging. When you sign up for NNCC mobile service, you will receive your certification reminder notice via text message to your mobile phone at least 90 days prior to your certification expiration date. 

Career Mobility Scholarship Application
Career Mobility Scholarships will be awarded annually to support qualified, certified individuals in continuing education and development or support of a program to improve patient outcomes in the health science field. All application materials must be submitted and received by NNCC no later than November 30, 2022.
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