NNCC Newsletter | March 2024

Monday, April 1st, 2024
NNCC Newsletter
March 2024
We hope you enjoyed Certified Nurses Day. We would love to see and highlight some of your celebrations. Send an email to NNCC at nncc@nncc-exam.org and let us know how you celebrated! Pictures are welcome!

I was recently promoted to a Renal Care Coordinator Supervisor position with Interwell Health, a value-based management company with a focus on comprehensive kidney care. I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to advance my career with Interwell as I’m proud of the work I do – assisting patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, providing resources to hopefully slow their progression, as well as promoting safe transitions to renal replacement therapy. It is incredibly rewarding, to say the least.
I had no idea when I started studying for the CNN 
Carrie Johnson, MSN, RN, CNN
exam 10 years ago what the future would hold for me in nephrology. Becoming certified brought an element of confidence in working with patients and staff – I was aware of best practices and knowledgeable in my field. The CNN initials are an endorsement that my expertise in nephrology is authentic.
This is not to say that my certification brought me to my current promotion (likely more my modest, humble personality). However, becoming certified helped open doors along the way. How often have nurses looked to new opportunities within nephrology to see “Certified Nephrology Nurse” or “Certified Dialysis Nurse” as a “preferred” prerequisite for applying? Employers are aware of the preparation and skill set that a certified nurse will bring.
Becoming a CNN, CDN or CNN-NP is a “badge of honor” in nephrology – a source of pride, an instrument for success. If anything, it can be a key to new opportunities.
Carrie Johnson, MSN, RN, CNN
Pottstown, PA
Renal Care Coordinator Supervisor
Interwell Health
For more information about certification, visit NNCC’s website (https://www.nncc-exam.org/certification)

WIN BIG Winners
Thank you to everyone who participated in the NNCC Dialysis Technician Job Analysis Survey. NNCC received a record-breaking number of responses. The important information provided will help NNCC continue to provide a CCHT and CCHT-A certification credential that truly represents the role of the dialysis technician. Congratulations to all of our random drawing winners!

Free Practice Exam! Approved CCHT-A Test-Takers!
Experienced Dialysis Technicians, NNCC is now offering a free online practice exam when you are approved to take the CCHT-A certification examination. You now have one more reason to take the next step in the advancement of your career goals!

FREE Online CNN-NP Practice Exam
NNCC Board of Commissioners and the Advanced Practice Examination Board have examined some of the roadblocks for nephrology nurse practitioners taking the CNN-NP certification examination.
A lack of resources and preparation materials seem to be a large factor. NNCC will now offer a free online CNN-NP practice examination to nephrology nurse practitioners who have been approved to take the CNN-NP examination. Upon approved for testing, nephrology nurse practitioners will receive a link to take the online practice exam. This, in addition to the free CNN-NP Certification Preparation Guide, will have you well on your way to preparing for the exam!

NNCCs Water for Dialysis Program: What's in your Water?
NNCC’s Water for Dialysis Program, What’s in your Water? is a learning activity provided by NNCC to help participants obtain knowledge and competency concerning water treatment for dialysis. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
• Identify the components of the dialysis water system including their purposes, monitoring requirements, and patient safety considerations.
• Explain how water-related clinical problems occur, are identified, and can be prevented.
• Discuss the elements of the CMS water survey that ensure compliance with safety.

Great News: Upon completion, a certificate will be provided awarding a four-contact hour credit to be used towards NNCC certification or recertification continuing education requirements.

Quality Improvement Award:
Applications Due June 30, 2024
NNCC’s Quality Improvement Award is ready for your application! Deadline to submit is June 30, 2024. Quality improvement is the foundation for improving care delivery and patient outcomes. Nurses, advance practice providers, and technicians are essential stakeholders in improving the process.
NNCC believes that applying quality improvement strategies to the care of nephrology patients ultimately leads to safer and better outcomes. Ready to submit your application?

NNCC Nephrology Nurse Practitioners
Take the NNCC MARCH Pop Quiz

MARCH QUESTION! It's time for another question of the month! NNCC’s Question of the Month helps you test your knowledge. This month we pose this to question nephrology nurse practitioners. Click the link to see the list of options, choose the correct answer, find the rationale, and reference information.


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