Watch for Technician Job Analysis Practice Survey

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Good tests do not arise spontaneously from item writers. They are carefully planned. A test has a specific blueprint, or test plan, which identifies what needs to be included on the test. In addition, there is a list of the key content or activities performed by technicians. Both the blueprint and the key content/activities serve as item-writing guides or “test specifications” for the item writers.

Where do these test specifications come from?

The content of the CCHT examination is based on a Job Analysis survey of technicians that identifies the key tasks/activities performed by entry-level hemodialysis technicians. A national Task Force is brought together to plan the survey content. This Task Force includes technicians, as well as clinical educators and clinical managers of technicians. Following data collection, the Task Force reviews the survey results and makes recommendations for the CCHT test specifications.

Most importantly, a Job Analysis is performed every five years to be sure the test reflects current practice and is kept up to date

The next survey will begin the first quarter of 2017. We ask that all hemodialysis technicians take the time to respond to the survey so that the CCHT and CCHT-A exams continue to reflect current practice.

Random drawings for $50 gift cards will be held for the first 500 survey respondents.